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Ruminations on Relaunch

Ruminations on Relaunch

It's been about a month since the soft relaunch of and things are rocking and rolling! 

We've nailed the social integration (sort of), increased customer shipping options, improved the website's accessibility and have been sending out a ton of merch to both new and repeat customers. WOO HOO!! Does that mean we're now ready for an official launch? Well...almost!! Just a few small things to iron out before we blitz everyone with email newsletters and ads.

And while we hammer out those last few deets, the whole project has got me thinking about when we started this long, weird adventure wayyyy back in 2005. 2006, if the official government documents mean more to you than when the idea of From The Bronx was born. If you're the type that cares more about press, 2007 was when we got our first big write-up in The Bronx Times courtesy of Bret Nolen Collazzi, son of the newspaper's co-founder John Collazzi.

Want to see it? Here it goes! (Click the image to embiggen)

Bronx Times 2007

Yes, it's black and white. Newspapers were completely devoid of color back then. And right there in black and white it says "In the end, though, the project is about more than selling a few photos. It's about recasting The Bronx's image by capturing its unique beauty, from the abundant parkland to the historic architecture to the vibrant business strips." A statement that remains 100% true to this day. It's about showcasing our history, our culture and letting the world know where we're from in everything we do.

From The Bronx to The World!  

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